The Gorilla Organization

All proceeds of Monkey Money Mind go to charity 

Our Monkey Mind is all about instant gratification and doesn’t care about long-term and sustainable planning. Not only financially but in many other aspects. If anything, Monkey Money Mind teaches us is that if you want to have a better future, you must plan for it. That should not be solely limited to increasing your bank account, but also investing in taking care of our environment and what will be left for our future generations.   

Authors, Zadeh and Schouten are both supporters of protecting nature and animals. During the making of Monkey Money Mind, they decided to donate all proceeds to charity. As the difference between humans and Apes is so small – we share between 96-99% of our DNA with them, they decided all proceeds should go to The Gorilla Organization (TGO), a charity that protects Silverback Gorillas.


About The Gorilla Organization 

For more than 30 years Jillian Miller, has been leading The Gorilla Organization (TGO) as Executive Director, joined by its Chairman, Dr. Ian Redmond. Dr. Redmond, who also chairs The Ape Alliance, was a consultant to the movie featuring Sigourney Weaver: ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ about Dian Fossey’s life, whom he worked closely with; he also contributed to Monkey Money Mind, along with TGO’s President Emeritus – author and British politician- Stanley Johnson.

TGO takes a new community-led approach to conservation so impoverished communities in the area can earn a sustainable income without having to rely on the natural resources found in the gorillas’ forest home.  

The Gorilla Organization is a conservation charity established in 1989 to secure the survival of the world’s last remaining gorillas in Africa. As pioneers of community-led conservation, they partner with communities surrounding the gorillas’ natural habitat. As well as safeguarding gorillas with anti-poaching patrols, The Gorilla Organization provides innovative and award-winning sustainable initiatives to support the local people by developing their entrepreneurial and organic farming skills, thereby reducing their dependence of the forest and mitigating climate change. The Gorilla Organization is a UK Registered Charity 1117131 and a member of Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB). 

 Do you want to adopt a Gorilla or donate? Hit the ‘Donate’ button below. 


The Gorilla Organization

All book proceeds go to The Gorilla Organization.

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