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Chris Zadeh

About Chris Zadeh

Founder & Chairman of the Board at Ohpen

“Life is too short to permit yourself the luxury of living it badly”

CHRIS ZADEH is the founder of the world’s first cloud-based core-banking engine, Ohpen, and previously served as the chief engineer of the first online broker in Europe, BinckBank, where he built the bank’s platform for the Netherlands, Belgium and France. He would later serve as the managing director of the Netherlands’ branch, overseeing strategy and operations.

Angelique Shouten

About Angelique Schouten

Global Board Member at Ohpen

“Life is not about fitting in, it’s about standing out.”

Angelique has over a decade of experience in retail banking, insurance, asset management and FinTech. She was responsible for running the first robo-investor in the Netherlands, and is the cofounder of two start-ups, Cloudtract and She currently serves on the global board of Ohpen as Chief Commercial Officer and previously worked as the CEO of Ohpen UK. Angelique shares in Monkey Money Mind how she was able to overcome and turn 100,000 Euros of student debt into sound investments.  

Angelique has been featured as an inspirational, proposing, and ambitious young professional by different magazines and publications in Europe such as the Brummell Top 30 Inspirational City Woman Pioneer and the Management Team Top 50 Goudhaantjes. She also served as co-author of The WealthTECH Book, selected by BookAuthority as one of the “Best FinTech Books of All time”

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About Ohpen

Ohpen is the first SaaS core banking engine in the world that runs entirely in the cloud. Ohpen liberates its customers from their legacy systems, making them more flexible, safe, scalable and compliant. Founded in 2009 by a team of experienced bankers and software developers, the Ohpen Platform administers savings and investment accounts for clients such as Aegon, Nationale-Nederlanden, Volksbank and other banks, investment institutions and insurers. The company employs over 150 people in the Netherlands and Spain.

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